Holistic ministry

The new LIFE center is committed to being a ministry of compassion. We believe that each person is created to live in wholeness through healthy communion with their creator and local community. Just as Jesus came and dwelt bodily in order to demonstrate his compassion and love, we too believe that hands-on ministry in every area of life is a vital demonstration of God’s love. We believe that God created people to live healthy, productive and fulfilled lives with him. Our call is to act in ways that provide a physical and visible glimpse of God-intended wholeness.

Trauma care

  • Training in techniques such as active listening

  • Developing relationships

  • Kasetsu jutaku (temporary housing) outreach

Elder care

  • Elder home visitation & activities

  • Temporary housing visitation & Bible study

  • Active listening


  • Partnership with Tohoku Recovery and Development Initiative (TRDI) and the Nakamadatcha project.

Sports outreach

  • Basketball

  • Surfing

  • Skate

  • Snowboarding

Spiritual formation

  • Church planting

  • Discipleship
  • Protege internship program

  • Bible studies

  • Worship gatherings